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Olivia Taylor


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Olivia Taylor is my seven year old, first grade daughter from Charlotte, NC.   In 2022, she noticed me using photoshop to create t-shirts and asked if she could design a Pearl Jam poster for the upcoming 2022 tour.   Obviously, I encouraged her artistic spirit and she quickly returned with a Pearl Jam Fresno Sunflower Poster. 

I posted the image on a Pearl Jam poster collector page, and was immediately struck by the support and love of everyone in that community for her art.  Steve Jamrik, in Peterborough, Canada took notice and offered to make a donation to her college fund if I could send him one.    I decided to print ten of them and see who else might be interested. 

We sent them to folks around the world and she started getting requests for other shows from the 2022 tour.   She created Fresno, Sacramento, New York, Las Vegas, London, Zurich, Hamilton, Denver, and a special Nashville poster for my birthday. 

A few days after the Nashville concert, I was contacted by a close friend of Eddie Vedder who saw Olivia's posters, and asked if we might have any extras.   Olivia signed some extra posters and sent them to Ed and the rest of the band as a gift , to thank them for their music. 

A few weeks later, a funny package arrived addressed to Olivia.  When we opened it, there was a hand written note from Ed and all her posters had been signed and returned.   He took a gift and made it special for a young fan.   To honor Ed's instructions on the note, Olivia has not stopped creating... 

Thank you for the love and support with this project.  Olivia is excited that you all like her artwork, and I could not be more proud of my daughter.  


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