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One of the most important lessons my grandmother ever taught me was to give back twice as much as you are given.   This page is dedicated to charities, organizations, foundations and people whom I support by donating proceeds of each sale to their various causes.   

Here, you will find The Joe Martin ALS Foundation Rivalry Softball Challenge, an event I helped start to honor my late father, Bob Taylor.   

Team Brooklyn is a local fundraiser to help Brooklyn McDaniel and her fight against cancer, the Kuyper Racing Memorial page helps those who are dealing with suicide and depression, and Sarah Papier designs, which
donates money to the ACLU. 

We recently have added a new cause to our page, SAME YOU is an organization that helps raise money for research into traumatic brain injuries.   My friend Steve Jamrik will be riding in a two day event to help bring awareness to this wonderful group. 

I am very proud of this section of my website, and I encourage you to FIRST send money directly to these organizations, as a monetary gift goes much further than a partial donation.     

Only then, should you order a shirt from me, which helps promote the various causes I choose to support.  


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