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Taylored Prints was born out of a passion for creativity.  From writing & photography to a love for my home town of Charlotte.  Growing up with a father who owned a small business, I watched as he struggled everyday to do everything from sales & marketing to writing & production. 

Small business owners are truly superheros at times,  doing the work of many people while also working to provide time for their family and friends. 

That is why I created Taylored Prints.  I wanted to provide affordable alternatives & services to other small businesses so that you can focus more attention on what matters most. 


Your bottom line. 

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I'm a 4th generation Charlottean & a licensed North Carolina Real Estate agent with a background in film & television, graphic design, marketing, public relations & event planning.  

I graduated from West Charlotte in 1994 & I have a degree in Public Relations & Marketing from Appalachian State University. 

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