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The Charlotte Landmark Series is a look back at the places that represent our past. It is an intimate collection of soda shops, 24-hour diners, grocery stores, movie theaters and roadside eateries many Charlotteans will recall with fond memories.  


It is also a commentary on pieces of our city’s history that have gradually ebbed away.  Since 2003, I have spent hours capturing images of those memorable places Charlotteans hold dear to their hearts.


Many of these landmarks have disappeared from our landscape forever, yielding to the forces of progress and change. Others may one day suffer a similar fate. It is my purpose with this series of photographs to preserve those last moments of our past so that they may remain alive as treasures we can savor once again.


I have often heard it said that our city has no history, no culture, no tradition and no soul. As a fourth generation Charlottean, I wholeheartedly disagree.  This collection contains over 150 photographs of historic Charlotte gems such as Wad’s, The Drum, South 21, The Diamond, The Coffee Cup, and Copal Grill.  Anyone from Charlotte can find a picture or two, or perhaps more, that will bring a smile to their face and memories of their youth. I present them to you with love and affection for my city and yours, for they are indeed its soul.  


With fond memories, I thank you, Drew

10 / 05 / 19

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Joe MARtin

Join us on October 5th, 2019 for the 3rd Annual Joe Martin Rivalry Softball Challenge, to help raise money for the Joe Martin ALS Foundation.  

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